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Food Served:

A tour through the Rapid River Logging Camp is like exchanging an hour of your life today for an hour halfa century or more age. You will thrill to the panorma of a booming early logging camp. You will marvel at the equipment used to brining out the giant logs. And you will be delighted with the delicious food served family style as you sit down to a lumber jack meal in the cook shanty.


You will see the Blacksmith Shop, complete with forge and giant old bellows. And there is a huge logging sled-- "the jammer" used in loading the logs, and the great road sprinkler used to ice the logging roads in the winter for easier hauling. There on the banks near the mill pond is an old steam traction engine furnishing power to an operating sawmill.


May we suggest a short hike on marked trails to see the "Upper Lock," the "Lower Lock," the " Log Chute" and the "High View" overlooking the river? These are orginial landmarks of the early logging days.


Children will never forget this authentic lesson on the history of the great northern forests and the colorful operations that fed the growth of early America. Even those whose memory reaches back to pioneer days will be stirred at this accurate reconstruction of the north counrty's first industry. "A Page Out of History," your visit to the Rapids River Logging Camp will be remembered!

Logging History 


Sunday - Saturday:

Breakfast................. 7:30am - 12:00pm

Dinner..................... 1:00pm-8:00pm

Rapid River Logging Camp

Tel: 218-732-3444

Email: [email protected]

15073 County 18,

Park Rapids, MN 56470

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